Wellsystem Medical is the entry-level unit in the Wellsystem Clinic medical series. The massage jets bubble against the underside of the natural rubber lying surface with continuously adjustable pressure in even movements. Pressure strength, massage areas, massage types and massage times can be individually regulated for each treatment. Operation is via a control element with soft-touch keyboard. With Wellsystem_Spa, the massage is enhanced by additional relaxation functions such as light, colours, aroma and meditative sounds.

Technical data

Technical data

Device dimensions (L x W x H)

2.150 x 1.060 x 570 mm (with Spa: 2.160 mm long)

Weight of the empty device

168 kg (incl. Spa: 201 kg)

Maximum weight of the user

210 kg

Maximum duration of use

45 Minutes

Water temperature

25 – 40 °C

Water capacity

ca. 304 litres

Ventilation function with Easy Access


Maximum power consumption

2.600 Watt (Spa: 100 Watt)


LAN interface for service access and standard control systems


EMV-tested, CE-marking