Relaxation for body and soul

Back problems and stress are widespread health issues that more and more people suffer from. The dry-water massage of Wellsystem Hydrojets relieves tension and helps to retain fitness in a relaxed manner. With Wellsystem Spa the massage evolves into a holistic wellness experience. For a soothing break from everyday life and long-lasting positive effects. Wellsystem offers two different product series: Wellsystem Clinic for the medical industry and Wellsystem Lounge as a soothing wellness treatment.



Stress, bad posture at work and lack of exercise are causing more and more people to experience tension and pain in their neck, shoulders and back. Wellsystem‘s dry water massage uses heat and water power for a relaxing full, or partial, body massage. 


Warm water jets hit the underside of the soft natural rubber surface in even movements. They massage the body from head to toe while you float almost weightlessly on the dry water surface. The soothing warmth and gentle power of the water activates the deeper tissue layers and loosens the entire muscle system. The contactless dry water massage is exceptionally hygienic and an ideal supplement or alternative to manual therapy. 

Release tensions

The intensive massage works into the deeper layers of tissue, loosens tension and can can assist with muscle pain relief. 

Switch on to switch off

A 15-minute session reduces stress, increases well-being and quite simply is good for you. 

Relaxed fitness

To warm up or relax after training, the muscles are effectively loosened by the warm massage. 

Fill up on new energy

The dry water massage improves blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and delivers heightened energy levels 

Use the power of relaxation anywhere

The dry water massage by Wellsystem can be used anywhere where people are looking for rest and relaxation. An area of just 2.5m2 is sufficient to experience wellness and relaxation. The application is very easy and can be done without changing, without showers and without long waiting times.

Wellsystem is universally applicable:

  • Minimum space requirement
  • No changing necessary
  • Contactless and hygienic
  • Can be used at any time
  • Self-explanatory operation