The original Hydrojet technology of Wellsystem Relax set the standard for modern dry water massage systems in 2011. For a particularly effective massage, various massage areas can be selected such as full body, back, shoulders, loins, legs, sectional massage and point massage.

The massage programmes and credits can be stored on chip cards. Operation is via a soft-touch keyboard with 7-segment display.

Wellsystem_Spa transforms the dry water massage on the Wellsystem Relax into a world of well-being consisting of water, light, colour, aroma and sound.

Technical data

Technical data

Device dimensions (L x W x H)

2.150 x 1.060 x 570 mm (with Spa: 2.160 mm long)

Weight of the empty device

168 kg (incl. Spa: 201 kg)

Maximum weight of the user

210 kg

Maximum duration of use

45 Minutes

Water temperature

25 – 40 °C

Water capacity

ca. 304 litres

Ventilation function with Easy Access


Maximum power consumption

2.600 Watt (Spa: 100 Watt)


LAN interface for service access and standard control systems


EMV-tested, CE-marking, TÜV GS-tested

Medical Active Certificate